“Imagine a magical place.

The perfect suspension of time.

A single moment.

Translating emotions.

Desires.  Hopes.  Dreams.  Passions.  Humor.  Love.

Extraordinarily powerful and pure simultaneously.

Where anything is possible and memories live forever.”

~ Terry Lee Cafferty



What I love about photographing children is their intuitive sense of awe and wonder.”  Children connect us to our own inner child and remind us of what’s important ~ to love and be in the moment.  It’s my passion for art, children and documenting life stories that led me to create my gallery style photography studio located in the historic seaside town of Charlestown, Rhode Island overlooking picturesque Perry Pond.


I’m a photographic artist with roots in traditional black & white film photography and fine art hand-tinted portraiture of children.  My experience spans over 20 years photographing everything from still life, concerts, photojournalism, fashion, music video & film stills to editorial work.  I’m inspired daily by my two amazing sons and the love & support of my husband.

 The first time I found myself reaching for a camera I was graduating from college.  I had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach realizing it was the end of a time in my life that I’d always want to remember.  As time went on, there were many milestones, forks in the road, and moments I wanted to freeze in time.  Can you relate to this feeling?  My thought was  “If I can take a photograph, I’ll stop time for a moment and I’ll always have those images to transport me back there.  I believe this simple fact is why we all desire to document our milestone moments to grace our walls and scrapbooks with the story of our lives. We want ourselves, our children and our future generations to have the ability to connect themselves to these moments for comfort and belonging.

I have trained myself for many years to “see” what lies just beyond the surface in life,  so that I’d have the mindfulness to give you something that goes beyond capturing a perfect picture.  Timeless photography.  It is furniture for your walls, compliments all decor and goes with everything.

I believe that fine art family portraits are your families’ most precious investment to cherish for a lifetime and for generations for come.  As the days fly by, our relationships with our children, families and friends are our most treasured qualities of life. I would love work with you to create images that will celebrate your memories.  I want to tell your story.  This is your legacy.  I look forward to creating your life as art.”

double.lineTerry Lee’s hand-tinted work is nationally known in the greeting card industry for the past 15 years with Leanin’ Tree Publishing and her custom commissioned portraits are seen hanging in homes from coast to coast.  Presently, she is nationally renowned for her intimate and expressive newborn, baby, childhood and family fine art photography.  With her mastery of natural light, her images have a defined style resulting in a genuine clarity that makes her work soulful and engaging.

Time will never stand still…how will you remember?