And the Seasons They Go Round and Round

Once the summer starts, I stop trying to keep up with it all.
This was a summer of highs & lows, but mostly a time of reflection and learning and growth with not much time for social media or visiting here on my blog.
It was a mixed bag of everything for sure. I learned to stay in the moment more often by actually listening (and not pretending to listen) to my inner voice rather than the chatter and the judgement and the guilt.
We, as a family, faced the brutal reality of death & said goodbye for now to a piece of our heart, but we also learned to lean on each other for support and that sometimes elusive unconditional love that knows no barriers. We were blessed to be able to enjoy lots of laughs, the support and love of good friends, the pleasures of great food & wine, the magic of shooting stars and the beauty in simple pleasures like watching fireworks, catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows, putting our feet in the sand & listening to good music. These simple activities make us feel connected and leave us with a miraculous sense of well-being.

Saying goodbye to the lazy hazy days of summer can leave us with a heavy heart, but it also brings with it the challenge to look to the future with hope & love & belonging.
We learn that even though our hearts get broken, we can always return to love and always love.

How did your summer go?

I would love to hear your summertime thoughts and ideas and September poems!

Here’s to you and yours this September.
My favorite poem from a favorite friend.



bring it here and let it find it’s place in your belonging.
Those of you who dressed your child for the first day of
school this week, welcome to September.
You who tidied your desk, brought in the hanging
plants off the porch, resealed your driveway, met a
whole new class of children, welcome to September.
Those of you whose memories of summer will be
smoothed onto the pages of a photograph album,
those whose memories will line your forehead, or tear
your heart, welcome to September.
Those who carry a school bag for the first time, loved
someone, said goodbye, cried some, cried a lot,
welcome to September.
Thank you, September for bringing us all together to
smile at each other, hug maybe, touch hands, join
voices once again,
Hang around awhile, give us warm autumn
afternoons before we have to shake our sweaters out of
their summer hiding.
Spirit of love and reunion; Help us to feel the
possibility of joy, friendship, and beginnings.

~the Rev. Elizabeth Tarbox (1944-1999)

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