Best Friends Forever

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together,
keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”
~ Winnie the Pooh

Every once in a while I get the honor and privilege to document milestones & history for dear friends.
This was an extra special portrait session that included three senior portraits on the same day, which honestly would only work with an exceptional set of circumstances, like this particular one had to offer.
What was I thinking? Three senior portraits in the same afternoon?
what? I know, I know.


It was simply an amazing experience and just a ton of fun to celebrate these three young women and their own very unique qualities that blend together into this sacred, loving friendship.

These three girls grew up together…and now they are at that pivotal turning point of graduating high school.
They absolutely are the best of friends…they shared a secret fort under a big ol’ tree, walked to and from the bus stop every day together, and they had a special language and sense of humor that only they could understand.
In the short time we were together, I witnessed them as little girls to big girls to tweens to teenagers to imagining the beautiful women they would grow to be.
Now, it is time to “go their own way” and finally spread their wings into the great big world.
{big sigh}

What transpired that day culminated into food & wine & laughter on the porch with their Mom’s ~ the good old-fashioned kind of day that allows you linger and share into the night…oh, and did I say wine…lots of wine…
I do love these women.

The coolest part of this scenario is that their Mom’s are great friends, as well, and have remained friends for all these years while raising them.
We all know how challenging THAT could be!
This says a lot to me about the special nature of these relationships…to be able to meander the ins & outs of raising these girls in today’s world is a miracle in itself.
The term “it takes a village” comes to mind here because it is within the interactions and safety net of knowing people are there for you no matter what, where a child’s soul can flourish and prosper.
You will see in these images that intricate natural ease of just being able to be yourself and be accepted and loved in this nest of comfort & acceptance & friendship.
Very special indeed.

Forever stuff.


and that’s a wrap!

  • Betsy Tallman-Short - I just LOVE your words….. I could read and hear them all day:).. Terry Lee, you have such a way , that the reader can feel all the emotion, the energy, the beauty that you see through the camera lense. Thank you, Thank you for putting such beautiful words to such precious photos. You are a true gift to your profession.


  • susan allen glass - hi terry lee,

    i am kerrie iemma’s sister and beautiful mackenzie iemma’s godmother/auntie. i am an avid lover of photography and i am just so touched by the photos of gilly, mack and lib! wow, beautiful! i will continue to visit you website. i love your art!!

    sincerely, susanReplyCancel

  • Susan Sidoriak - I wonder if these gals realize how priceless these photos will be? Simply wonderful moments captured that will be cherished forever. Beautiful work Terry Lee.ReplyCancel

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