In honor of Valentine’s Day please join us in choosing ways to put more love into the world

Let go of a grievance

Be Brave and do the right thing

Stand up for someone who needs you

Find the good in yourself and others

Give thanks to those that are important to you

Practice forgiveness

Let go of hurt

Let go of anger

Let go of the pain

Forgive yourself

Choose a loving thought over an angry one

Show compassion

Mentor someone who needs a friend

Find one little thing to improve the world today

Practice inclusion

Make someone smile

Spread the message of love

“let all that you do be done in love

1 corinthians 16:14


Lovesome Images Portrait Design Studio is teaming up with the Jessie Lewis Choose Love Movement and for the months of February & March, we’re offering special edition photo sessions for the limited edition price of $200!

For each photo session we’ll donate $50 to the Jessie Lewis Choose Love Movement

Special Edition Photo Sessions Include:

 Design consultation via phone

1/2 hour photo session in our studio

10-20 images to choose from

Digital file for online sharing

1- 8×10 Luster Print 

(You can upgrade your print to fine art quality for an additional fee with 10% off )

(10% off any additional prints)

(Includes up to 2 people in each photo session)

This special edition pricing will be available during the months of February & March!

Is it time to get that new profile photo for your social media?  Or update your children’s portraits for Valentine’s Day? How about a portrait of you and your special Love Bug for your family gallery wall?  Let’s have some fun and be creative – it’s your choice!

Call for your design consultation today and let’s discuss your options!


We hope you take advantage of this special edition photo session opportunity and join the Choose Love Movement!

Together we are creating a safer, more peaceful and loving world!

Jesse’s Story 

On the morning of December 14th, 2012, Jesse McCord Lewis walked out of his house and down the driveway towards his father who was waiting to drive him to school. Along the way, Jesse stopped to write a message with his finger in the frost on his mother’s car: “I love you.” Just hours later, Jesse was gone. He was one of the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

Days prior to the tragedy, Jesse wrote three words on his chalkboard at home: “Nurturing. Healing. Love.” We understand these final words as a calling from Jesse that says, “I have something for you to do for us. That’s to consciously change an angry thought into a loving one’ because it is a choice.”

The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement collaborates with professional educators to bring lasting meaning to Jesse’s murder by developing school-based educational programs to change our current culture of violence to one of safety, peace and love for everyone in our world.

This is the single guiding principle, the sole purpose and motto of our work: Teaching others to Choose Love through our CHOOSE LOVE ENRICHMENT PROGRAM™ through social, emotional, learning. 

“Choosing love means having the courage to be grateful when life isn’t easy, to forgive when the person who hurt you isn’t sorry, and to step outside your own pain to help someone else. That’s the way to choose love, and the empowering lesson is that it’s a choice.” ~ Scarlett Lewis



“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” – Ansel Adams



Don’t let another year slip away…

If you’re even thinking about a photo session on the beach in here in Rhode Island,  now is the time to contact us and put it on the calendar.

You know in your heart if the time is right, so call and let’s create some magic together!




I have to say that photographing this beautiful family earned the word “divine” for me.  I was happy to be able to give them exactly or pretty darn close to what they needed.  Not only were they the sweetest and blessed family, they were up for anything, ready, able and willing.  Plus, the crazy gorgeous dresses came in on time, and it was the perfect weather night on the beach with very little wind.  They were so easy to work with and a beach location was perfect for them to bring to life our vision of a photo wall collage.  The location was Green Hill Beach in South County and the timing was scheduled for that “magic hour” just before sunset spilling over into the dreamy light at the beach just after the sun goes over the horizon.  Ahhhhh.  Love ….




True Story

In our design consultation I learned that this adorable family had been on a cruise vacation, and had some great studio portraits taken on the ship.

Beautiful black and white portraits were taken of the whole family, mom & dad, the two girls separately and together.  The images were available printed on metal, which happened to be a new product I was currently in the process of adding to my price menu.

Here’s the glitch …

The policy was this:   Unless the portraits were paid for on the ship, they weren’t available for purchase.

After that. Gone. Good bye. Left at sea.

Of course, we don’t always travel with our plastic do we?  Well, you guessed it, that was the case here.  So the purchase couldn’t be made at sea and this family left these valuable images on that ship forevermore only to be remembered in their minds.

Heart breaking for me to hear, but I do understand policy and the reasoning behind it.

So, when we designed our session, my intention was to recreate what had been lost at sea, aaaaand make it even better in some way.

We worked together to design a photo wall in their newly renovated family room with a collage of metal prints choosing color instead of black & white this time because of the dresses, the scenery and the colors in the room where the display would hang.

It all worked out to our advantage and the result of this beach session was captivating, lovely imagery marking a special time in their lives.










All is well with the world








And that’s a wrap!