Creating a Legacy Wall – Phase 1

As the winter days pass,
and spring is coming forth with it’s promise of light and new beginnings,
I find myself thinking, as I always do,
that time is passing much too fast.

My sweet sons are growing and changing, and the personal projects I dream of completing keep getting postponed in place of the day to day tasks of life.

But, this year, I made a promise to myself to celebrate our family’s history by creating a Legacy Wall in our home and the portrait galleries of my dreams…
of those fragments of time I was able to document that will warm my heart every time I get to see them.
Just last week, I ordered two new pieces for our gallery wall. It felt so good make those choices, and it has inspired me to keep going.
There is something special and lasting about seeing how your children & families have grown in printed fine art portraits.
It somehow puts it into perspective.

This is the first in a series in which I will hold myself (and you!) accountable by executing & blogging this project that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.
I decided to share the process here so that I might inspire you to do the same in your home.

What is a Legacy Wall?
A collection of photographs ~ old & new ~ displayed gallery style on a designated wall filled with your most treasured keepsake images.

I love the whole idea of having a family’s story told in photographs and printed, framed and hung in a way that compliments the decor of your home but,
at the same time,
compliments any other artwork you may have.
This kind of display warms up your space and will make you happy every time you stop to linger & look at it because it is preserved forevermore and becomes your family’s legacy.
Legacy assets is the legal term for it when you do estate planning.
These are the assets that will be in your family for generations.

Not a disc. or something that you only see on a virtual screen, but real, tangible artifacts that tell your history.

I am passionate about doing this for my clients, so why has it been so hard for me to do it for myself?
Well, that’s something I should absolutely bring up in therapy (wink wink) , but I’m thinking that I just didn’t know what I wanted it to look like???


I have a perfectionist gremlin inside of me who likes to keep me in limbo if you know what I mean?
Anyway, I’m not listening to her anymore.

“Perfection is the enemy of done”
(Andrea Scher)

… and I’m tired of being in limbo-land therefore I’ve decided to perform my dear friend Karen Carey‘s trick and turn my perfectionism into excellence and that is what I’m striving for here.
An excellent way to help me & you to get a visual of what this can actually look like so that we can live with it every day, take it with us wherever we go and not want to change it out in 6 months.
It may not be perfect but it will be excellent.

Here’s the scenario.
I have a long hallway when you enter my house that is screaming for attention.

What I’ve always envisioned is something that we here are Lovesomeimages help people to do every day.
We assist our clients with family walls of hand crafted prints that are archival quality.
Sometimes it is just one large print over a particular piece of furniture or entryway and sometimes it is a cluster of framed portraits filling a wall collected from one or several photo sessions we’ve done or in addition to other portraits they’ve invested in over the years.
We’ve also started helping our clients who didn’t, for various reasons, document with professional portraits when their kids were babies & toddlers.
We assist them in scanning their favorite images they’ve acquired & have them printed on our archival fiber papers & we custom frame them all to coordinate with their current photo session’s images to tell the story.
It’s so much fun!
It is so completely rewarding to have these moments that you treasure in life recorded and displayed in a way that you can enjoy every day.

A Legacy Wall.
It’s the story of your family old & new.
All your favorite moments documented professionally or with your own favorite snaps.

I’ve been collecting prints from the past of my family and keeping them together.
Hopefully you have been doing this, too.
If not, this is the first phase of the project, so you may want to go on the hunt and gather them up in one place.
My plan is to get together with my family and go over all the old photos just in case there are some that I’ve missed.

Ok… Phase 1here we go…gather all the prints that will be considered for your Legacy Wall and choose the wall you want them to go on.

Have fun!


Special thanks to my friend Mara Blom Schantz for her inspiration, generosity and vision & for sharing her family walls with us! Muah!!

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