Love Letter to the World

I recently had a situation that challenged me in every way and left me pleading…”why oh why must we be consistantly tested??”  When we see our children being treated unfairly for reasons that they have no control over,  out comes the “Mother or Father Bear” in us, no?  I’m talking about these uncomfortable situations that do not bring out the best in us ~ actually, the complete opposite occurs and oh, the dreaded outcome:   we lose our “cool”.   So, how do we find our way back to lovingkindness?

We can decide to move into a different space ~ one that sees things from the outside looking in, find our way back to our Source and search for the lesson and meaning there.  After all, in this vast arena we threw ourselves into of raising children, we do have a choice ~  we can decide to perpetuate dysfunction or we can decide to soften around it and heal it for them… our children…for the future…oh, yeah, and learn from it…CHANGE it with our thinking…knowing that forgiveness is a brave and courageous act, and love can make all these crooked spaces straight within our hearts.  Oh, and don’t forget to forgive your self while you’re at it…

Anyway,  that is why I decided to share this ‘Love Letter to the World”  I found a few months ago at Kind Over Matter’s blog with you today.   It pretty much says it all. Enjoy…

“In the face of complaints, look that person in the eye and imagine what it might have been like to be raised to see only what is wrong.

In the face of selfishness, wonder what it might be like to walk the world with a feeling of lack, of depletion.

In the face of insults, consider where this person first learned that it’s okay to abuse others.

In the face of disconnection, think about what causes it, and ask if your response will widen the river between the two of you.

In the face of laziness, recognize the fear of living big dreams.

In the face of extremism or fundamentalism, see the clinging, as well as the terror-filled silence that would arise for that person if they risked letting go.

In the face of controlling behavior, understand the chaos that must have bred it.

In the face of “always needing to be right,” see how often this person was once made wrong.

In the face of arrogance or bravado, hold gently that still, small piece that says “I’m not enough.”

In the face of drama or attention-seeking, see the person who wishes so much to be seen.

In the face of accusation, imagine what it might be like to live life with suspicion.

In the face of judgement or comparisons, step into the opportunity the world has just provided you for practicing love and acceptance.

In the face of  passive-aggressiveness, recognize the child that wasn’t taught a safe way to expres their truth.

In the face of anger, see the pain of isolation from others.

Most importantly:  In the face of ferocious hatred, believe in the possibility that there exists the potential for equally as big, intense, lovely and fiery ferocious……….

L  O  V  E

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