No Place Like Home

“Make this day your own.
Without having to change even the
smallest detail of your outer experience, let your
inner world be one of ease, expansion, laughter, and
acceptance of what is. Flaws and foibles, failures
and doubts are part and parcel of the whole. Instead
of looking at them as obstacles, move through them
as doorways. Push back, and it’s as if a dark cloud
covers the face of the sun. Experience them fully,
take them in stride, and the day feels magical.

Decide to dance with difficulties, turn challenges
into choices, and the way opens before you like the
yellow brick road did for Dorothy in Oz. In truth
there is no place like home – the home of serenity
and strength, the home of self-acceptance and
compassion, the home where you can laugh at your
mistakes and celebrate being awake.

~ from Danna Faulds book “Limitless”

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