Oliver Duff

Oliver:  Clever & smart, witty, brave, not afraid to take chances, a true athlete, fast & furious…an awesome & gifted kicker…who knew?

Oliver is another friend that I’ve known since first grade at Matunuck Elementary.  He and his wonderful family are truly the very best.  They have sacrificed as a family the ultimate sacrifice for all of us through their service in the National Guard for an entire year in Iraq…wow…really…(Chet, Tracy, Calyx, Oliver & Max…THANK YOU!)

Oliver’s photo session was almost too easy.  He is amazingly photogenic as you can see and a natural in front of the camera.  He is sooo easy going and was up for anything. We used a few different, fun backgrounds to depict his multi-layered personality.  Under that cool demeanor, is a wealth of intelligence, bravery and sweet beautiful awesomeness that I know you will see in these images…Oliver, I wish you the best and I thank you for “showing up” in these photos for me so that we can see all that you have to offer the world!  xo

Still waters run deep...

Quiet Confidence

An Unintended Glimpse

Hope for the Future

A new chapter begins


Amazing but true

And, yes, that is a wrap!

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