Parents Say the Darndest Things

I discovered the most hilarious & comical posters on Deny Designs that I just had to share.

They are funny little musings created by Iowa based artist Nathan Ripperger into humorous & clever posters.
They are various expressions of funny things he has said to his children.

We all have these things that fly out of our mouths as we’re trying to navigate the bewildering unfamiliar territory we call parenthood, but when you look back or listen to yourself, they can be pretty comical.
What are some of the funny things you say to your children?

Let’s see…

…I say a lot of crazy things to my boys but the one that I will share is
“I WILL check to see if your toothbrush is wet!”
I know, I know…not as funny or clever as his, but it is real life.

Would love to hear your funny little musings…

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