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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I just love this idea of Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day with Generosity Day

You can learn more about the organization here

After the blizzard and power outages we just experienced here in New England, I finally went out yesterday to run my endless list of errands and what I found was surprising and quite beautiful, actually.
Everyone was extra nice and super friendly and helpful.


Even though we all experienced the fears and discomfort of losing power and feeling cold, frustrated & scared, it somehow connected us and the barriers we tend to put around ourselves seemed to be broken as we joyfully marched around feeling pretty special…all showered and powered!
I dropped my dry cleaning off and chatted with the girl behind the counter for 30 minutes finding out that she moved here from North Carolina (of course, I do confess that I kept her talking so that I could enjoy her accent for a bit) and she had never been to New York City or Connecticut, but was looking forward to her journey there. She was taken in by the kindness of friends in East Greenwich until her power was restored and there she was, smiling, chatting, and happy to be at her job hearing everyone’s blizzard & power outage stories!
So sweet.

Today, is Valentine’s Day.
For years, I put so much pressure on myself to make Valentine’s Day special for my husband and my boys…going out for expensive dinners, running around to the card stores to find the perfect card (and you all know how long that frustrating task is – more on that later…), driving all over town to collect the perfect chocolate covered strawberries, and when the boys were little, I just had to buy them something…because I thought that was the thing to do according to the Valentine’s Day God’s of commercialism. Ugh! Am I a little ashamed of all of that…yes, maybe I am…

as the year’s passed, I toned it down and woke up to the fact that none of that really mattered anyway…what mattered was the time we spent with each other and, instead of buying the perfect dinner, cards & chocolate covered strawberries, we made our own. They were messy and perfectly imperfect…just like us. A Happy Valentine’s Day? Oh yes, indeed.

So in the spirit of kindness & giving & breaking barriers, when I learned about Generosity Day I wanted to share it with all of you who generoulsy take the time to share these ramblings on my blog with me from time to time.

Go ahead, make someone’s day: Co.EXIST ~ Co.DESIGN ~ Co.CREATE…and say YES to engaging in small or radical acts of kindness!!

love + light

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