She Loves You… Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

With Mother’s Day approaching,
I am reminded of the fact that most of us Mom’s are not likely to be in our family photos because we are almost always the one who is taking the photos
assuring that we document our family’s milestones and memories as our children and families grow all too fast.

Yup, that’s me.
“No, I didn’t wash my hair today” or whatever the lame excuse is for that day and before you know it, the days pass and you haven’t documented yourself in those memories…
to have and to hold.
You know, the one image that can authentically show your mother love power and celebrate your relationship in a way that reminds you to stop and drink it all in for just. one. moment.

This is the reason I decided to publish a book honoring this relationship by giving you the opportunity to have a moving & beautiful image of you and your children.
Please join us in celebrating YOU?

Lovesome Images is now conducting a Model Search and offering you a complimentary photo session as well as an opportunity to possibly be featured in my book called

A Love Like That

Together, let’s create an honest reflection of this special relationship.

For Mom’s and Kids of all ages…please call us for all the details, pick-up & fill out an application and we will schedule your appointment.

I’m excited to announce that Therapy Boutique in Wakefield and Teddy Bearskins in Wickford are joining us and they are generously offering a 20% discount on something new to wear in your photo session!
So get your butt into Therapy Boutique (for some real retail therapy!) and/or Teddy Bearskins (the best & cutest selection of children’s clothing you can find!)
and pick up your application soon!
We will be taking applications and scheduling photo sessions until June 1st
See you in the sunshine.

Love + Light

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