The Rasche Family ~ Narragansett to Atlanta

I recently had the privilege of photographing this lovely family before they moved from Narragansett, Rhode Island to Atlanta, Georgia.  They wanted to document themselves in a very special way for their memories to live ~ to capture a time in their lives that was about to be a closed chapter while entering into the next phase of what their story will be.  Wow.  This is what I love about my work!   Family artwork is simply essential.  This was history.  This is why I do what I do.  To save moments in time that are so very fleeting…to maybe capture something more….a glance… an emotion… adorableness… intimacy…to be able to create artwork through the camera for people to connect with ~ themselves as well as each other with images that speak volumes to them for generations to come.  Their legacy.

The Rasche Family was amazing as you can clearly see here.  We had a blast at Narragansett  beach & were fortunate enough to steal a section of the beach with the Towers creating a gorgeous canvas for our backdrop.  It was a gift to be able to experience this wonderful family’s love & connection ~ my wish for them is for every good thing that life has to offer, much love, harmony, balance & peace…thank you so much for sharing this time with me.  Enjoy!  xo


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