There Have Been Septembers

“Whatever September means to you, bring it here
and let it find it’s place in your belonging.
Those of you who dressed your child for the first day of
school this week, welcome to September.
You who tidied your desk, brought in the hanging
plants off the porch, resealed your driveway, met a
whole new class of children, welcome to September.
Those of you whose memories of summer will be
smoothed onto the pages of a photograph album,
those whose memories will line your forehead, or tear
your heart, welcome to September.
Those who carries a school bag for the first time, loved
someone, said goodbye, cried some, cried a lot,
welcome to September.
Thank you, September for bringing us all together to
smile at each other, hug maybe, touch hands, join
voices once again,
hang around awhile; give us warm autumn
afternoons before we have to shake our sweaters out of
their summer hiding.
Spirit of love and reunion; help us to feel the
possibility of joy, friendship, and beginnings.”

~The Rev. Elizabeth Tarbox (1944-1999)

This is a beautiful reminder that was given to me a few years ago by a dear, dear friend, fellow Mom, neighbor and soul sister who knows my heart in a way that not too many people do…there are a few of us, families that have formed a friendship and comfort level that goes way beyond all the small talk. You know who I’m talking about. The people who are your village.
When we are all navigating this amazing & tumultuous journey of parenthood, we find along the way that there are those who are always there to support you, challenge you, laugh & cry with you which forms this special bond of the heart…we are raising our children together.
Holy shit!
We are putting them on the bus together for the first time and for the last time. We are planning play dates & birthdays, drop-offs & pick-ups, graduation parties & gatherings around the table, the ocean, the fire pit while talking it over again & again. We have an deep connection through these experiences that make our lives richer in ways that we never could have imagined.

And here we are at the beginning of another school year. The “Parent’s New Year” is what I like to call it because it calls forth all those melancholic feelings of time fleeting and changing faster than we can fathom which makes it challenging to stay in the present moment.
There is this undeniable sadness that comes over me this time of year
~ bittersweet ~
if you will, and I wonder if you might feel that way, too? I’m guessing yes?

This Labor Day Weekend I moved my first born baby boy into his college dorm room and I was NOT ready for the overwhelming feeling of
“where did my little boy go”???
The rewind button in my brain activated and I could hear him clear as day slamming that mud room door at 3:00 after his first full day of first grade, yelling at the top of his lungs, “Mommy I’m home”! Day after day, that door would slam and I would wait to hear it ~ it was music to my ears…until the first time that little voice said, “Mama, you don’t have to come with me” and eventually, it cracked & deepened and he challenged me at every turn as it was his time to go inward & discover his own unique gifts while spending hours in his room alone, sneaking out of the house with his girlfriend, blasting rap music, and driving around with his friends… all while I waited & worried & prayed.

Here we are.
My boy is a man.
I am so filled with pride that I could burst.
Just like I felt when he got on the bus that first day of kindergarten until I heard “Mommy, I’m home!”, I will look forward to hearing that door open again & again and have him come & go and tell me all about it.

And, yup, I will try to sneak out my camera!
Here’s to September!!

and so it is…

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