Wholehearted Life

Question: When things are going really well for you and your family, what does that look like?

This is a question from the book I’m reading by Brene Brown called “The Gifts of Imperfection”. It made me seriously re-evaluate my everyday choices in search of this “wholehearted life” she writes about. What ARE the ingredients for “joy and meaning”…when things are going really well in my family, what does that look like?
It may be somewhat similar for most of us…a good night’s sleep, healthy meals, some form of spirituality, being truly present with the kids, a good sense of money control, meaningful work that doesn’t consume us, time to just hang out, time with family and close friends…
O.K. now compare this list to your “to do” list. How does it compare? This is a helpful exercise in creating your good life now. Not that the everyday list of chores is not important, but is it balanced? How do you prioritize? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this…

With that in mind I’m sharing with you today a family portrait session with a fabulous family that I adore and have had the pleasure of seeing grow for the past few years. We have kids the same age and shared experiences & memories from our elementary school.

When we met to design, I remember noticing how much quality of life they seemed to enjoy as a family unit. It was refreshing to see that they were “designing their life” to make the most of these fragile days that are all too fleeting. They knew that these memories we were about to capture & make tangible in their artwork as forever keepsakes had to be the priority for the moment… as life was going by so quickly. Of course, family life is not always as neat and tidy as all of that. I’m sure there was all kinds of chaos going on behind the scenes ~ if we’re honest, that’s the reality of family life, right?…but, on some level, there was a knowing and an intentional collection of the right ingredients to live fully and passionately taking the time for the things that really matter.

When I contemplated this idea of consciously creating a recipe for joy and meaning, I thought of this particular session & these images. These kids, this family, were just happy to be there, in that day, in that moment. They instinctively had a deep appreciation for what we were doing. They LOVED being the center of attention, patiently waiting their turn…no problem! They were so excited to have me there taking up their afternoon from playing to get it all down for them to remember forever…you can see it in their eyes and in their relaxed way of surrendering themselves completely to the process. I was in awe of them and they taught me so much that day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…

“Get going: Say no today. buck the system. take something off your list and add “take a nap.”

~Brene Brown from “The Gifts of Imperfection”.


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