You Gotta Have Faith

One of my favorite photo sessions to do is for  a child’s first communion.  These children are at such a tender time in their little lives when the seeds of hope are being planted and they are forming their spiritual connections with the the illusive idea of “Faith”…believing in something that they can’t see or touch, but rather a sense of their inner beings ~ their soul.  It’s just beautiful.  Although it is a Catholic, Christian ritual, we can all relate to the beauty of this passage of time and the importance of teaching our children to trust in this miracle of faith and that each and every one of them can look inside and see their God, see themselves as perfectly imperfect just they way they are. Oneness. Agape. Infinite.

I just love documenting this important day when children mark this time in their Christian journey…it’s a privilege to be a part of this celebration & capture the essence of  this very special holy sacrament.  The body of Christ. Wow.  Huge!

A wise women of faith called it a “Mystery” when teaching this concept to my son.  I remember thinking it was the perfect word to describe it.  Something we really don’t fully understand but can “feel”.  Love that.  Faith.

This is beautiful Meredith.  She was amazing for her first communion session and up for anything I would have her do…she hung in there with me and showed herself effortlessly  in all her purity & beauty.  Enjoy! xo


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